1984 was the year the Coachbuilding Business was founded by Gavin Hillier. Already having come from an exceedingly reputable smash repair and custom car business, the transition into coach building was comparatively smooth.

Gavin’s two sons Clayton and Troy grew up with this coachbuilding and modified car culture in their blood, and soon joined the business in the mid 80’s. Since then they have converted and modified over 500 vehicles in their 30 years of production.

In April 2006 disaster struck as the Hillier by Design factory was totally destroyed by fire. The company followed their passion and choose to rebuild, this enabled them to erect a 2000m “State of the Art” hearse building production facility. With dedication, and a commitment to excellence, this facility has produced some of the best Chrysler Hearses in the world.

This facility has incorporated the introduction of expoxy infused body panels which has led to one of the highest quality hearses ever manufactured in Australia.

Hillier by Design now creates a Hearse every 5 1/2 weeks. This has generated an opportunity for the Company to triple normal production at any time depending on demand.

Hillier by Design has taken on a new venture, setting its sites on supplying the American Funeral Directors with their Superior Australian built Chrysler Hearse. Hillier by Design is excited about the future and is committed to the quest of excellence.